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WMC Template

Open Source Template for Winamp

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Open Source Template for Winamp5+ After much folly trying to create a modern skin and running afoul of very many problems with maki code and similar. I decided to start over; I am creating a Classic Skin that is simplistic and written from the beginning in the modern skin wrappers.

What You Can Do

Support us by making skins of your own. Submit them and Link to this project.
*Enhance your skin with xml/maki scripts


What is Coming

WMC - Winamp Modern Classic (Template)

What this means is that 99% of the skins ever submitted could easily be converted to winamp 5 engine; simply buy placing my skin.xml and my scripts in your folder then converting your images to png. That is all. Though, realistically you could then extend your skin for the feature you want easily or change the bounds of the box to be whatever you want. I feel this is a better approach to getting a skin to be a modern one without all the erroneous waste of maki.

WCL - Winamp Classic Loader (Template)

The WCL template seeks to extend the winamp 5 engine while keeping the original graphics of a classic skin. (ie use bmps for loading rather than alpha/channel/pngs). This will mean that you can just place our script(s) your in winamp skin zip (wsz) and take advantage of the engine improvements without having to code anything. If you wanted to take advantage of the small improvements in the engine you could.

Of Note:

Winamp is not open source, the scripts I am providing and the templates are for that engine and will not work with other products or software. The solution I am providing is open source and is entirely up to you whether you want to migrate/change/modify.

Thank You,